Kids Mini Backpacks & Accessories


From $175.92 $219.90

48 colours available

Kånken Mini

From $155.92 $194.90

56 colours available

Kånken Laptop 15"


12 colours available

Kånken Laptop 13"


10 colours available

Kånken Keyring


17 colours available

Kånken Sling


21 colours available

Kånken Laptop 17"


12 colours available

Kånken Totepack


14 colours available



11 colours available

Re-Kånken Mini


10 colours available

Räven 28L


8 colours available

Kånken Outlong


5 colours available

Kånken Art


2 colours available

Räven 20L


8 colours available

Kånken No. 2


11 colours available

Kånken Rainbow Keyring


1 colour available

Kånken Pen Case


10 colours available

Kånken Chest Strap

From $24.90

14 colours available

Kånken Totepack Mini


14 colours available

Kånken Mini Cooler


4 colours available

Kånken Mini Shoulder Pads


13 colours available

Kånken Organizer


3 colours available

Kånken Rain Cover


3 colours available

Vardag 25

$122.43 $174.90

7 colours available

Vardag 16

$92.94 $154.90

5 colours available

Kånken Tablet Case


2 colours available

Kånken No.2 Black


1 colour available

Kånken Rainbow


9 colours available


$158.94 $264.90

7 colours available

High Coast Rolltop 26


2 colours available

Kånken Re-Wool

$287.92 $359.90

3 colours available

Skule Kids


4 colours available

Kånken Rainbow Chest Strap


1 colour available

Tree-Kånken Sling

$98.94 $164.90

4 colours available

Skule 20


4 colours available

Skule 28


Sold Out

6 colours available

Is there a better way to embrace your kids’ natural love of outdoor activities and help them grow into responsible nature enthusiasts, than taking them with you to all the exciting hikes, treks and long nice walks in the forest? Our collection of kids’ mini backpacks is designed to make your kids’ time in nature more comfortable while helping them feel like an important part of a big adventure.

It All Starts In Childhood

The things we do in childhood stick with us - we carry all the values and lessons we were taught far into adulthood. Fjallraven mini backpacks are not only about ultimate comfort and timeless casual design. Our brand is also about projecting shared values created by those who act in favour of sustainable coexistence with all nature’s living things.

Here are a few key elements that make our kids’ mini backpacks a solid choice:

  • Comfort. We make sure our backpacks are lightweight and have just the right shape and size to accommodate all the children’s school and trip necessities while making carrying the backpacks a comfortable experience.
  • Sustainability. It’s not only a matter of sustainable production - it’s about the durability and wear-everywhere type of appeal of the kids’ mini backpacks. Our backpacks are made to last as much as they’re designed to be the backpack used for each and every purpose - be it carrying notebooks or going on a family trip.
  • Considered design. Our mini backpacks and laptop cases are known for their bright and uncomplicated designs that make any kind of outfit look adorable yet casual. Kids’ mini backpacks can be carried like a handbag and worn like a backpack. We also offer additional straps and pockets that can be attached to the backpack for more comfort and convenience.

For a wider range of similar backpacks and accessories, explore our Kanken Backpacks and Kanken Family collection pages.

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