Women's Shell Jackets

Nothing is more fulfilling and energising than a day or a weekend spent in the heart of nature, travelling alone or with people who share your love for the wilderness.  Appropriate outdoor clothing keeps you warm and dry and ensures you are comfortable and making the most out of your time outdoors, even if you are hiking and walking in the middle of summer. 

Here at Fjällräven, we are deeply passionate about peaceful coexistence with nature. Discover our women's shell jacket collection and enjoy exciting outdoor adventures without worrying about comfort or temperature.

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Fjällräven has used the principles of style, function and comfort to create our iconic outdoor clothing designs for over 60 years. The brand made products to help customers around the globe stay active and comfortable whenever they spend time outdoors, thus promoting a lifelong bond between them and their favourite places with women's soft shell jacket and other similar products.

Fjällräven women's shell jacket 

Fjällräven women's soft shell jacket options are durable, comfortable, functional and sustainable. They are everything you need to enjoy a quiet walk in the forest or an exciting first hike in the spring. We feature both hard and soft shell jackets within our collection. 


Hardshell jackets are hooded waterproof jackets offering excellent protection against rain and snow. They are more compact than softshell jackets and great for outdoor adventures.


Softshell jackets are water-resistant, stretchy, breathable jackets that protect from light rain and snow, designed with more inclination toward helping you maintain a comfortable body temperature during intensive activities. 

Fjällräven women's soft shell jacket options offer unmatched freedom of movement to help you stay within a comfortable body temperature range whether you are hiking, climbing, running or engaging in any physically intense activity. Our women's jackets feature additional zippers for ventilation and are waxable for fortified protection from rain and snow.

Moreover, hardshell and softshell jackets are versatile enough to be worn in the wilderness or as outerwear in the city. So if you need an outfit for a long walk in the park on a chilly autumn day or an additional layer for work in the cold of early morning, a women's shell jacket might be the right fit for your everyday activities.

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Check out our women's shell jacket selection to stay warm and regulate your temperature during outdoor adventures in the wilderness. Please browse our extensive collection of women's jackets for more options to keep yourself cosy and comfortable in the face of unpredictable weather on your next trek or hike.

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