Women's Jackets

Expedition Pack Down Anorak W


2 colours available

Singi Down Jacket W


2 colours available

Forest Hybrid Jacket W


2 colours available

Räven Jacket W


2 colours available

Singi Wool Padded Parka W


3 colours available

Keb Jacket W

From $410.94 $684.90

8 colours available

S/F Räven Anorak W


4 colours available

S/F Rider's Wind Jacket W


3 colours available

Övik Fleece Zip Sweater W


2 colours available

Vardag Hoodie W


3 colours available

Nuuk Lite Parka W


2 colours available

Vardag Rain Parka W


2 colours available

Vardag Pile Fleece W


2 colours available

Vardag Jacket W


2 colours available

Kaitum Fleece W

$269.94 $449.90

1 colour available

Expedition X-Lätt Jacket W


3 colours available

Visby 3 in 1 Jacket W


2 colours available

Abisko Lite Trekking Jacket W


4 colours available

Skogsö Jacket W


3 colours available

Vardag Anorak W


6 colours available

Kaipak Jacket W

$341.94 $569.90

2 colours available

Una Jacket W

$410.94 $684.90

2 colours available

Stina Jacket W

From $266.94 $444.90

9 colours available

Kiruna Lite Jacket W


1 colour available

Keb Fleece Hoodie W


4 colours available

Nuuk Parka W


2 colours available

Versatile, functional and inspired by nature, Fjällräven jackets are equipped to help you face the elements. Explore our collection of jackets and be fully equipped for the outdoors. 

Winter jackets for women

Severe winters are not a reason to give up the active pastimes in the fresh air. The cold season is a great opportunity to go skiing, sledding, snowboarding or just enjoy a good snowball fight. There’s no outdoor pursuit you can’t fully enjoy if you choose the right clothes. At the same time, it is not necessary to be padded out with excess jackets and pants. The right choice of clothing that utilises the latest technology will allow you to feel comfortable at any temperature without feeling weighed down and limiting your movement.

Here are some of our recommendations for embracing the elements in winter:

  1. First layer: we’d suggest choosing thermal under layers made of Merino wool or synthetic as your base layer. It allows the skin to breathe and offers comprehensive support. Thermal underwear should fit snugly, but not feel tight or cause discomfort. Keep your core, arms and legs protected with our range of women’s base layers in a variety of colours and sizes. 
  2. In winter, you need to dress in layers. Opt for a hoodie, a sweater, or a fleece jacket to accompany one of our tees or flannel shirts. The cooler it is outside, the denser the fleece should be. We’d also suggest a hat, scarf and gloves to retain body heat.  
  3. The final layer is a warm winter jacket that does not let the wind and moisture pass from the outside, but at the same time removes moisture from the inside. Choose from a range of women's outdoor jackets: from ultra-light, ideal for runners and cyclists, to especially strong and heavy-duty for mountaineering and all-season tourism. Our women’s hiking jackets are created in accordance with the latest colours and styles, but also offer innovation and functionality giving you confidence in your outerwear. Elongated models protect the hips from wind and low temperatures. Do not forget about our hiking trousers that will offer you the protection needed for your lower body. At Fjallraven, you can find trousers that will complement the style of an active woman who enjoys hiking and travelling. Usually, they are sewn from nylon, polyester, or a cotton and polyester blend. As a rule, they are strong, relatively light and due to synthetic fibers, they do not absorb water and dry quickly.
  4. 4. In winter, it’s important not to overlook accessories. Do not forget about a warm hat, gloves and a scarf. Be sure to look for a small comfortable bag that will fit everything you need whilst keeping them safe from water and dust, or a large roomy backpack with space for plenty of fluids and energy snacks if you are going to go hiking.