Women's Jackets
Women's Jackets

Versatile, functional and forever nature.

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Expedition Long Down Parka W
Long, well-insulated down parka for winter activities in really cold con...
Expedition Lätt Hoodie W
Lightweight reinforcement jacket with synthetic insulation for winter ac...
Expedition Pack Down Hoodie W
Lightweight, flexible, hooded down jacket for winter activities. Produ...
Expedition Pack Down Jacket W
Lightweight, flexible and packable down jacket for winter activities. ...
Greenland Down Liner Vest W
Light, versatile down vest for extra warmth under a shell jacket in cold...
Greenland Eco-Shell Jacket W
Robust three-layer shell jacket, a sustainable choice for everyday outdo...
Bergtagen Insulation Jacket W
Spacious, well-insulated jacket with durable synthetic padding. Produc...
Vidda Pro Wool Padded Jacket W
Durable trekking jacket with warm Swedish wool insulation. Product Featu...
Bergtagen Lite Insulation Jacket W
Light reinforcement jacket with moisture-resistant synthetic padding. ...