Laptop Backpacks

Kånken Laptop 13"


10 colours available

Kånken Laptop 15"


12 colours available

Kånken Laptop 17"


12 colours available

Räven 20L


8 colours available

Räven 28L


8 colours available

Vardag 25

$122.43 $174.90

7 colours available

Keb Hike 30


2 colours available



11 colours available

Ulvö 23


5 colours available

Ulvö Rolltop 23


2 colours available

Norrvåge Foldsack


2 colours available

Norrvåge Briefpack

$331.92 $414.90

2 colours available

Vardag Totepack

$136.43 $194.90

6 colours available

Kånken Totepack


14 colours available

High Coast Foldsack 24


11 colours available

Kånken Re-Wool Laptop 15"


3 colours available

Haulpack No.1


4 colours available

Kånken Rainbow


9 colours available

Ulvö Rolltop 30


2 colours available

Skule 28


Sold Out

6 colours available

Foldsack No. 1


5 colours available

Travel Pack

$363.93 $519.90

1 colour available

Ulvö 30


2 colours available

Singi 20


2 colours available

Skule 20


4 colours available

Skule Top 26


4 colours available

Greenland Shoulder Bag


3 colours available

Nothing is more fulfilling and energising than a day or a weekend spent in the heart of nature, travelling alone or with people who share your love for the wilderness. Appropriate outdoor clothing keeps you warm and dry and ensures you are comfortable and making the most out of your time outdoors, even if you are hiking and walking in the middle of summer.

Nothing is more convenient during early morning commutes to work than a good quality backpack for laptops that allows you to organise and secure all your essentials in one place.

We offer a wide range of laptop backpacks that are both versatile and comfortable to wear.

The Fjällräven experience

Here at Fjällräven, we are deeply passionate about providing our customers with outdoor clothing and accessories to promote the kind of lifestyle that is rooted in the lifelong bond between people and nature. We make our clothing and accessories to be of high quality, versatile and durable - everything to pave the way towards mindful consumption and a a long-lasting brand experience that doesn't require frequent renewals or repurchasing.

Our collection of laptop backpacks is no exception - solid, comfortable and convenient - these bags are designed to accompany your journey to knowledge, growth and development all the way through.

Enjoy the comfort of Fjällräven

Our brand experience is closely tied to the notion of comfortable wear, and our collection of laptop backpacks reflects that. Since the first Kånken bags were created in 1978, we have been improving and perfecting the backpack design that was meant to bring new levels of comfort to those who value the contribution these bags make to an active lifestyle, work, studies and other occasions that require a convenient accessory for carrying necessities.

Our laptop backpacks feature sturdy handles, padded shoulder straps, easy-to-reach pockets and many other details that make them comfortable and convenient accessories for everyday use.

The backpacks in this collection provide you not only with physical comfort but mental comfort as well. Made with solid waterproof materials that can stand the test of time, our laptop backpacks give you a worry-free experience, as you don’t have to think about not getting your laptop wet in the rain or repurchasing a bag because yours got worn out in a year.

Versatility at its best

There is no fun in owning a backpack that cannot become your staple multipurpose accessory. That’s why our bags are designed in a wide range of both neutral and bold colours, featuring different styles, additional handles and extra pockets. You can turn your backpack into an over-the-shoulder bag or a tote bag for carrying your work essentials. Sturdy, waterproof materials and numerous compartments and pockets give you an opportunity to use your bag for purposes not related to work, such as hiking, or for just completing your outfit for a coffee with friends and an afternoon stroll on the weekend.

Shop Fjällräven’s Laptop Backpacks online

Discover our extensive range of high-quality laptop backpacks and carry your work essentials securely and conveniently every day. For more bag options that can come in handy during your morning commutes, browse our selection of travel accessories, backpacks and hip bags.

We offer free standard shipping and express shipping within Australia for an additional fee. Once your order has been shipped, Australia Post will provide you with a tracking number.

Purchases made in Australia or New Zealand come with a 2-year warranty.

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