Fully traceable, high-quality down – no compromises

Fully traceable down has been the reality at Fjällräven since 2014. With our Down Promise you can rest assured that when you purchase a down product from us no birds were harmed – this means no live plucking; we know exactly where the down comes from and that it’s of the highest quality. And because our down is a by-product of the food industry, we’re working to reduce waste too. 

Through our Down Promise we’ve established a production chain with strict and repeated controls of all suppliers and sub-contractors. Today we have one of the outdoor industry’s most transparent down product chains and our Down Promise is currently regarded as the best in the industry by Four Paws. The birds’ wellbeing is our top priority, followed closely by the high quality of the down.

You can read more about how our Down Promise came about on our blog, The Foxtrail.

Want to know more? Download the Fjällräven Animal Welfare Policy.

On the ethics side we’ve made more progress. All our wool is mulesling-free. This painful method of fly prevention isn’t inline with our animal welfare standards. So we don’t work with farms still using this method.

The trail continues to stretch out, long and undulating, in front of us. The path isn’t straightforward; but we will continue to learn and improve.