A mulesing-free journey towards traceability

We’ve had fully traceable, ethically-sourced down in our products since 2014. In 2015 we started looking into how we could achieve traceability and better ethics in our wool chain too. Due to the way wool is commonly traded, it’s been extremely difficult to develop a fully-traceable global wool supply chain. But things are changing. As with any challenge we undertake, progress comes in the form of two steps forward, one step back – progress is slow. But we’re moving in the right direction. And we’re learning. Our Swedish Wool Pilot Project has given us hands-on experience working with the entire wool supply chain, all the way down to farm level. Furthermore, our recent collaboration with farms in New Zealand means we now offer traceable wool in our latest collection of base layers.

On the ethics side we’ve made more progress. All our wool is mulesling-free. This painful method of fly prevention isn’t inline with our animal welfare standards. So we don’t work with farms still using this method.

The trail continues to stretch out, long and undulating, in front of us. The path isn’t straightforward; but we will continue to learn and improve.