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The life cycle of a product is partly in your hands, read more about how to properly care and repair your gear at home.

It may be counter-intuitive, but we know we have achieved our goals when we see old Fjällräven products still being used. A favourite jacket passed down the generations, or a Kånken from ’79 still going strong. Because that is exactly how Fjällräven products are designed to be used. The two main areas that we focus on at Fjällräven is durability and timeless design. When we succeed in both, not only does a product physically stand up to the rigors of outdoor life year after year, but it also has ‘emotional longevity’ which means you’ll also want to use it, year after year. And the longer you use your product, the more you are helping to reduce environmental impact by not buying a new one.


But the life cycle of a product not only has to do with durable materials and a timeless design. It also has to do with how you care for it. By taking the time to repair your products, and care for them in the correct way, you’ll prolong the life of them even more. We want to help you do that, and make sure your products are always ready for new adventures. Check out the videos below detailing some different ways that you can properly care for and repair your products at home.


How to patch a hole in your trousers

Scrambling around in the mountains certainly puts your trousers through their paces. But with a little effort, some basic equipment and a few minutes of your time, a little hole needn’t hold up your next adventure.


How to change a zip puller

 All that on, off, on, off with your jacket can sometimes be a little too much for your zip puller. But don’t worry! It’s easy to fix.


How to wash your Kånken

Whatever you do, don’t put Kånken in the washing machine. Instead check out this video and you'll get it right.


How to patch a tear in a down jacket

 Many hours outdoors, day after day, places plenty of stress on your jacket. Don’t let a tear stand in the way of many more outdoor hours.


How to sew a shirt button

Sewing on a button is easy. Let us show you!


How to repair a zipper

 Don’t give up on your old jacket, learn how to repair a zipper and be ready for new adventures just around the corner.


How to repair a hole in a G-loft jacket


Learn how to use a patch correctly. It’s easier than you may think!


By using your clothing, or gear, over a longer period of time, you will by default reduce the per-use environmental footprint. Additionally, if you end up using your outdoor trousers, your Kånken or your favourite jacket, over years - you are less likely to buy another, similar product which means you are less likely to create a new, similar footprint. 


A lot of the repairs listed above are easy to do at home with just a little bit of patience, time and care. And in case you get stuck, we are available to help, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.


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