Expedition Series: Down or synthetic?

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Need help deciding between down and synthetic insulation in your Expedition Jacket? This is for you:

Let's say you've decided to invest in a winter jacket and you've left no internet-stone unturned to find the best alternatives and ended up here at Fjällräven and theExpedition Series. Firstly: Great to have you here, welcome! And secondly; here's what you need to know about about down insulation and synthetic insulation to make the right choice.



Down is a truly outstanding insulator. Its ability to trap your body heat in tiny air pockets and keep you warm is virtually unparalleled. A down jacket is also very light and highly packable once you press the air out of it. Fjällräven down also has the added value of being 100% traceable and ethically produced, so what could possibly go wrong with down as your insulator of choice? Well, down isn't the best option if it gets wet. That air-trapping, warm-keeping ability is strongly reduced if those down filaments that create the tiny air pockets are exposed to moisture/water.

Consequently, down insulation is the ultimate choice for cold and dry weather.



The synthetic insulation in our Expedition Series is made from 100% recycled polyester using free fiber technology. This means it is constructed to mimic the air-trapping features of down better than regular synthetic padding. Since the polyester fibers absorb very little moisture, they keep their air-trapping capabilities even when they're wet. And although a jacket with synthetic insulation weighs a little more and won't compress as supremely as a down jacket, it will dry much faster.

Consequently, synthetic insulation is the ultimate choice for cold and wet/damp conditions.

We hope this information is useful. Whichever jacket you choose and whether you use it in cold, dry weather or cold, damp weather, we’re confident that your Expedition Jacket will be the reliable, functional garment it was designed to be. See you out there!

Down pros

  • Extremely warm while being exceptionally light (high warmth-to-weight ratio)

  • Very compressible

Down cons

  • Loses warming capabilities when wet

  • Takes longer to dry

Synthetic pros

  • Warm even when wet

  • Quick drying

Synthetic cons

  • Not as packable as down

  • Not as light as down

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