Exploring the great outdoors in cooler weather

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There’s a current crispness in the air in the early mornings and later at night that signals the return of autumn, with winter soon to follow.

With cold weather on the horizon you might shy away from leaving the house, but there are some excellent reasons why you should get out and explore the great outdoors during the cooler months. Here are just a few to change your mind:

Hiking in cooler weather means less sweat

This might be blatantly obvious but hiking on cooler months is actually a lot nicer than hiking in the midst of summer. Sure, in summer you don’t have to wear as many layers, but you still have to carry plenty of supplies like water, repellent amongst other things. Summer can also be quite intense due to searing heat and no means to keep cool.

Colder months allow you to work with layers, depending on the weather, so you can adjust your comfort as you go. Be sure to use a waterproof backpack to keep all your belongings safe and dry.


Hiking trails will be quieter

If you’re looking to get some peace and not have to worry about social distancing, cooler months tend to be less popular for hiking, so this will provide you some solace and the opportunity to go at your own pace.

Nature puts on a show in the colder months

While some trees might shed their leaves leaving barren branches, other plants and native animals come to the fore during the colder months. Walking tracks take on a whole new feel during winter, providing some stunning views. From rainclouds, fog and even frost depending where you go, experience nature from a different perspective.

 Delicious treats to keep you fuelled

Besides packing the standard cannister water to keep hydrated, you’ll need some fuel to keep you going. There are plenty of tasty treats that you can pack with you to keep you warm and toasty on your travels. Why not pack an insulated bottle of hot chocolate to keep your energy up? We love using the Klean Kanteen - and here’s a great recipe. You can even add a few sneaky marshmallows for a sweet surprise. 

Instead of bringing a store-bought energy bar, try making some home-made energy balls instead. There are countless recipes available containing every fruit you can think of.


Wear layers for the weather

As the day progresses, temperatures will gradually increase, but they can drop too, particularly if rain is forecasted. Wear appropriate gear, such as a durable, warm jacket and remember to wear layers, so you can adjust your comfort.

If rain is indeed forecasted, be sure to wear waterproof clothing. Don’t wear cotton, which is impractical material for wet and cold weather, as it holds moisture and takes a long time to dry, leaving you feeling cold for longer.

Challenging yourself

Cooler weather is a great way to challenge your endurance and help you improve your hiking skills. Additionally, it teaches you to be more aware of your surroundings as the seasons change the terrain.

Even though sometimes trekking in colder weather might not be the same as trekking in summer, both offer different perspectives of nature that are worth experiencing. You’ll definitely be glad you did!

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