Fjällräven Bushcraft: Making Fire

Posted by Richard Fowler on


Anyone who has spent much time outdoors knows how to make a fire. We all have our different techniques and lets face it, it's a simple task after a bit of practice. This assumes you have a lighter in the first place.

So what happens though when you don't have a lighter or event a flint? Could you make a fire from scratch? Fjällräven ambassador and bushcraft and survival instructor Gordon Dedman certainly can.

We shot Gordon, well off the beaten track to capture his step by step approach. 


Step 1: Get out in nature

Step 2: Find a spot

 Step 3: Assemble your materials

Step 4: Create hot ash using friction

Step 5: Protect the ash

Step 6: Drop ash into tinder and blow to create flame

Step 7: Stoke your flame

Step 8: Igniting the kindling

Step 9: Boil your billy

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