One pair of trousers for every setting

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Hostel operator Sussi Hoffmann's Trousers brighten up her day. And it isn’t because they are sunshine yellow; it is because they are so versatile.

When hostel operator Sussi Hoffmann needed a pair of trousers to take her from work, to nature, to town, and back again, she got herself a pair of Fjällräven Karla Trousers. That was four years ago, and she continues to wear them today. They are especially suitable for her work at the hostel she runs with her husband in Österlen, Sweden.




“My Karla Trousers are comfortable in the office of the hostel when I greet guests, when I am on the hiking trail and when I am sitting on rocks at the seaside. I go straight from one place to the other, and the trousers suit each situation.”



One adventure Sussi will not forget, was a lovely autumn tour at Ramundberget, Sweden. The weather was striking, and her trousers were too. From their sunshine-yellow colour, to their diverse functionality, they proved their worth. As Sussi says: “They are soft and compliant, have a good fit and enough pockets (not too many!), they are cool, work in different environments and for different activities. And of course, they are yellow. The colour makes both me and others happy.”




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