Picking the Perfect Campsite

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Australia is a country rich in natural beauty and landscapes to explore, with camping being the perfect immersive opportunity to experience it. With so many campsites and location options come great responsibility, so choosing the best location practically and visually can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together some handy tips to help you pick your campsite with ease when you’re out there.

1. Certified is Better
Using a certified camping ground is highly recommended. From camping spots owned privately, or grounds provided in National Park’s, they often provide facilities and services in good locations for a reasonable price per night.

Regulations and rules differ with every council, and you could get fined for camping in non-designated places – so it's important to do a quick check of council rules before you head out.

2. Stay close to water
Some camping sites do provide access to drinking water, while some do not. It’s important to always have a supply of water on hand just in case. If there’s a freshwater river or lake nearby, consider pitching ideally more than 60m away from it – cooking, washing and drinking water is an essential part of camping.


 3. Gimme Shelter

Once the Australian sun hits your tent, it will quickly go from lightly toasted to sauna. Try to find a spot with a few trees – they provide welcoming shade but also some protection from wind.

4. Take the high ground
A few metres above the water level should ensure you don’t wake up in a lake. Another advantage is that higher areas usually benefit from more of breeze, which helps keep away mosquitoes that like to hang around slow-moving bodies of water, and improves air flow through your tent.

5. Level up
A flat, level surface will prevent sliding discomfort and make cooking easier. Before pitching your tent, also remove rocks, sharp or spiky objects.

6. Plan ahead
Be realistic of how far you can trek in a day and ensure you have an idea of suitable camping sites and grounds within the area to prevent disappearing daylight or rumbling tummies dictating where you set up camp. Having the right gear is as important as finding the perfect campsite - shop our collections For Him, For Her and for the perfect Equipment.

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