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Small steps, BIG changes! 

At the beginning of my youth, I wasn't interested in nature and wouldn't enjoy it, but as I grew up, I realised that nature is where we all come from, which led me to be curious and interested in nature.

At first, we might not understand that our earth and nature are the reason we can live life like this. After realising this, I felt much more connected to nature, and now I always use nature to calm myself and to relax. Being connected to nature is valuable and vital. This leads to the discussion of how we are not taking good care of nature, and if we do not take into consideration that our acts are destroying the earth, which is our home, we will be the ones that will face the disadvantages of our action in the future.

Living in Sweden for a year, I was introduced to Fjällräven. A couple of years later, I moved to Australia, and it was at an event towards sustainability that I was honoured to become one of Fjällrävens Youth Ambassadors; I got to know this brand much better, finding out how the brand started and what goals and intentions they aim for, and I felt like it was the first time I could actually feel relatability. After taking part in one of the Take 3 For The Sea workshops, and working with Fjällräven, I felt and understood how important and influential we, the youth, are.

We are much more powerful than we think and responsible towards our world and nature; we aspire for our generation. 


Sometimes when there are big topics, I tend to give up before even trying as the problem would seem way too big for me to try solving, but I realised it is the small steps that make changes. It does not matter how small we start; the only thing that matters is starting and working towards your goal and what you want to change. Just like Fjällräven, which started small, it is now on a globally famous level and is used everywhere. Fjällräven encourages people to take steps toward nature. 


I consider it an honour to represent Fjällräven as one of its Youth Ambassadors, and I have come to realise that each of us possesses tremendous power. All we need to do is trust ourselves and have faith in the goals we have set for ourselves. Doing so will encourage those around us to follow suit, and the domino effect will continue to grow. Little steps always lead to big improvements.

We must learn to never give up and never underestimate our capabilities because of our age. Together, let's change this world.


Written by Tasnim Shokri


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