Ted Weirum and his passion for trekking

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Ted Weirum, YouTuber and outdoor adventurer, shares why he is passionate about trekking.

If you are an active member of the outdoor community then chances are you have heard of Ted Weirum. The YouTuber has become an outdoor inspiration for people all over the world due to his videos filled with gear reviews and adventures out in nature. But he never intended to become a YouTube influencer, instead everything stemmed from his genuine passion for trekking. This enthusiasm has led his all over the globe, including on the Thailand Trek in January 2020, and created connections far and wide within the trekking community. But how did it all begin?


Ted grew up in the South of Sweden, near Malmö, surrounded by the beautiful natural outdoors right on his front doorstep. As a young boy, accompanied by his father, he used to go out into the forest to look for deer or traces of other animals. “He taught me how to pitch a tent and carry my fair share.”

It was a time that he grew to cherish, a peaceful moment of calm against the backdrop of the hustle and bustle of childhood. As he grew older Ted joined an outdoor organisation and, together with other kids, he went on camping expeditions and adventures in the forest on the weekends. “That was really where I learnt the basics of bushcraft and survival in the woods. Even from a young age I had a taste for the outdoors, and felt a connection.” During his teenage years he suddenly felt disconnected to nature, and lost his passion for the outdoors and chose to pursue other interests.



After school finished, Ted joined the army. He took part in expeditions that involved survival in more extreme situations, his love of the outdoors came flooding back but this time it was accompanied by an added edge of a need to test his own limits. It was during his army training in Sweden where he took part in survival trainings that included cold weather experiences and spending extended time outdoors without easily available resources. Despite relatively difficult assignments, Ted rekindled his love for the outdoors during these expeditions. This part of his story explains why, when he goes out on an adventure now, he feels like he is “coming home.” It was something he loved when he was a child and reminds him of great experiences with his father at a time when things were uncomplicated - like in any childhood.

Nowadays, Ted is known in the outdoors community as a YouTuber, an outdoorsman and an  inspiration. He started his YouTube channel in 2015, to cover topics such as outdoor gear reviews, trekking tips and stories from his adventures. Today his channel has almost 1 million views and thousands of subscribers. But he never set out to become a YouTuber. For him it was just about sharing his passion for trekking, and documenting it for himself. To add another string to his bow - Ted is an active nature photographer, filmmaker and drone pilot which makes his videos even more engaging as he shoots and edits everything himself. Although his videos are nicely produced, the real reason his audience come back time and again is due to his genuine passion for trekking and the outdoors which transcends beyond the screen.


The outdoors, and trekking is not just a job to Ted, in fact he runs his YouTube channel next to his day job. Spending time in nature is a calling and trekking is his way of connecting with the outdoors. “I find spending time outdoors trekking, with your family or with yourself, is the best way to grow, recharge your batteries or learn. I think the biggest lesson nature has to offer us is to give back more than we took.” On any given day you can find Ted trekking in the local country near his hometown of Malmö. He has also spent a lot of time in the North of Sweden, trekking and camping in extremely cold conditions. As a native Swede he admits “I’m more comfortable in cold weather environments, and I’m a good person to learn from as I’ve made every mistake in the book already.” To read some cold weather camping tips from Ted click here to get to our international website.


“When you’re out in the wild - you can just be you.”

Outdoor enthusiast


In order for Ted to feel really in contact with nature he likes to sleep outside and carry his own equipment, so that he can be self-reliant and depend on only himself and nature surrounding him. Earlier this year he took his first foray into warm weather trekking in a tropical environment by taking part in the Fjällräven Thailand Trail in January. Five nights, and six days trekking, in a very warm and tropical climate gave him a whole new experience out in nature. “It was my first time in Thailand, and it was incredible to be able to see something new and see it doing what I love the most, being out in nature. But what I will really remember, apart from the incredible scenery, are the people I met along the trail.” A big part of the enjoyment of trekking and spending time out in nature for Ted is to meet like minded people who he can connect with on the trail and often establish long-lasting friendships.

“It feels like you’ve known each other for a long time when you share the same passion.”

Ted’s passion for trekking and nature is inspirational. With a little bit of down time, he has taken the chance to start planning new adventures and treks in his local environment. Head over to Ted’s YouTube channel to check out past trekking trips, gear reviews and memories of adventures in nature. Now, more than ever, let’s keep in mind that nature is waiting.

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