The right pair of trousers will take you anywhere

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When it comes to gear, award-winning travel photographer and videographer Goran Jovic has sound advice: “Trends come and go. Find a pair of trousers that will serve their purpose for a long time.”

What would you be willing to do for the perfect photograph? Kneel in mud for 24 hours? Stand in a river? Hang from a tree?

If anyone knows what it takes to capture the essence of nature to tell a story beyond words, it is award-winning travel photographer and videographer Goran Jovic. A self-proclaimed world explorer, he has a passion for adventure, and all the challenges and new perspectives it brings. He would say that it is not only grit and spirit that take you to interesting places; the right gear makes a big difference. That includes the perfect pair of trousers.



"I'm curious about everything. People, places, food, traditions... everything."


Award-winning photographer and videographer


Goran’s love of travel kicked off in 2011 when he joined an aid organisation in Tanzania as a volunteer. Reaching the summit of Ol Doinyo Lengai sealed the deal. An active volcano, the climb was demanding but experiencing the beauty of such an extreme environment hooked him into the lifestyle. “I simply fell head over heels. Volcano, villages, sky. It was a different dimension and I had a first-row seat to see it all.”

After Tanzania came the rest of the world. From the wilds of Patagonia to the glaciers of New Zealand, you can see it all on Goran’s Instagram @goran_jovic_. It is a feast for the eyes and soul. For him, the lure of travel as a challenge was irresistible and by accepting both failure and success, he pushed himself to achieve maximum knowledge. “I’m curious about everything. People, places, food, traditions…everything.”


Nowadays, challenge is no longer Goran’s number-one driver. Travel is more about being present and appreciating the world with others.  Even if it means keeping things close to home these days. “My travels have a certain emotional note, which leads to self-growth. It’s really nice to share outdoor moments with the people who enjoy nature the way you do. I like the socialising.”

In fact, the importance of a trustworthy and flexible travel partner cannot be underestimated. A concept that translates all too well to having the right outdoor gear, particularly trousers. As Goran knows, trousers are an essential component of a successful adventure and ought to be five things: durable, versatile, quick-drying, breathable and comfortable.


"Trends come and go. Find a pair of trousers that will serve their purpose for a long time."


Award-winning photographer and videographer


“My outdoor adventures are not typical, because I have a history of visiting different places with different climates and weather conditions in a short period of time. One month, I’m fighting summer conditions and the next I’m on top of a mountain experiencing true winter. I only ever have two pairs of trousers with me, but I do crazy things on photo and video shoots. My kind of adventure requires a certain kind of trouser, and Fjällräven nailed it.”

Goran’s go-to pair are the award-winning Keb Trekking Trouser, which he brings on every journey due to their endurance. A classic Fjällräven design, they have been updated to include a suspender attachment zone and new leg endings that are easier to adjust and repair. Large pockets ensure you have everything you need close at hand. Even if you are getting a coffee in the city.

“My motto is, ‘Omnia mea mecum porto’. All that is mine I carry with me. I like trousers that are practical and appreciate how Fjällräven has a concept behind every item. They remain loyal to their original idea: if there isn’t a perfect trouser for a purpose, let’s make it.”

At Fjällräven, we feel trousers should be an extension of your body. There is no need to reflect much on a good pair, because they will simply be. We are all different, so there should be the ideal blend of fit, fabric and features to give you the freedom you need. That is why there are so many models to choose from. Take some of our more popular trousers for summer. The High Coast Life Trousers for example are lightweight and perfect for quick hikes and bike rides to the beach. Made from a quick-dry fabric, the feature a slightly tapered leg with reflective drawstring. On the other hand, Kaipak Trousers are more technical and best use on intense treks. Made from durable G-1000 Eco fabric that resists wind and light rain, their articulated fit system with stretch panels give outstanding freedom of movement.

Whichever trousers you choose, you can be sure that much thought and care went into each design. For comfort and performance today and in the long term. In fact, longevity is critical point for Goran and leads to some sound advice for fellow outdoor clothing consumers: “Trends come and go. Find a pair of trousers that will serve their purpose for a long time.”

This is a matter that goes beyond taste for Goran. It is a matter of sustainability. “My travels have given me a unique insight into the impact of environmental change. Right now, I’m seeing that the earth is getting an opportunity to heal itself a little. We’re the reason why nature and society will not be the same in the future. Sustainability is important to all of us. We’ve got to do everything to preserve what we have, without compromising the future.”

Goran’s advice about consumption goes even further: “Following fashion trends seems like it doesn’t really hurt anyone, but hoarding clothes just to be in style is not friendly towards nature. I’d advise everyone think and act in a more sustainable fashion (pun intended), and to include the best interest of nature in every decision.”


That means buying less. That may be another shift in mentality and habit, but you get so much more in return! Longevity has the capacity to transform a pair of trousers into something more significant than a garment. They become something you treasure. Creating memories with them, and being imbued with emotion in return, the right pair of trousers will take you anywhere. Even if, right now, it’s just your own backyard.


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