What makes a rain jacket?

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The debate surrounding the difference between waterproof and water-resistant has been long-lived, however there are a few factors that differentiate their similar qualities. While both terms generally refer to a material’s ability to repel water, one is more effective than the other. Water resistance is usually an item’s ability to resist water penetration through its fabric to a certain degree, but perhaps not entirely, whereas something that is waterproof is impermeable no matter how much water it is submerged in. While water-resistant jackets can only protect against so much rain, waterproof jackets provide guaranteed protection from any wet weather conditions, ranging from drizzling showers to torrential downpours and tropical storms!

When preparing for your next adventure into the great outdoors, it is really important to consider the weather conditions and expected climate of the environment you are heading into to ensure you are dressing appropriately. For example, if you are heading somewhere like Western Australia and know there is very little rainfall and moisture, a water-resistant jacket will do the trick perfectly as it will ensure you stay dry in the unlikely case of rainfall. However, if you are planning to visit somewhere like the Daintree Rainforest in far north Queensland where the rainfall can become excessive especially in the colder months, a waterproof rain jacket will be your best friend and protect you from all rainfall, heavy or not!

At Fjällräven, we create and craft our products with the most sustainable yet effective materials that offer factors such as wind and water repellency, breathability and functionality, but in a way that is nature friendly. Our successful water-protectant materials that we use include our classic G-1000 and Eco-Shell – both of which encompass all of these qualities. G-1000 is a durable and hardwearing composition brand material formulated by us that is adaptable to a variety of climatic conditions. We use G-1000 on almost everything from backpacks to jackets and, with the right care and application of Greenland Wax to enhance its wind and water resistant qualities, products made from G-1000 are guaranteed to last you forever and through all kinds of adventure. Two of our best sellers – the Skogso Jacket M and Greenland Jacket M – are made from our long-lasting G-1000 Original fabric and provides protection against the wind and light rain showers while also offering good ventilation, preventing sweat build up while wearing a largely water-repellent garment. Additionally, as mentioned before and like all G-1000 products, the application of Greenland Wax to the fabric will enhance its water resistant qualities and increase its durability as an already hardwearing jacket.

Similar to G-1000 but with a higher grade of water protection, our Eco-Shell fabric is a tough, waterproof and breathable material we use for outerwear that is sustainable and PFC-free. Perfluorocarbons (PFC’s for short) are commonly used in the outdoor industry due to their ability to make materials water repellent, however they do not agree with nature. Their inability to break down fully and tendency to cling to the Earth for years made us switch to PFC-free impregnation of our materials to ensure the most sustainable and nature-friendly approach. Eco-Shell offers both breathability and protection from rain, sleet and snow by combining a PFC-free durable waterproof outer layer with a hydrophilic membrane underneath that allows for sweat to escape without letting outside moisture in. For example, our Keb Eco-Shell Jacket M is very popular above the tree line and in places were snow and rainfall are more prominent. This highly functional three-layer jacket is made to withstand the demands of any changeable weather conditions all-year-round and is designed for optimal weather protection during any adventure from outdoor treks to ski expeditions. Similarly, the Visby 3 in 1 Jacket M is a must-have if you’re looking for a waterproof, all-weather jacket that is practical all year round. The amazing thing about this jacket is its versatility that offers both a soft-style, everyday inner jacket as well as a hardwearing, durable shell outer layer made from insulating and weatherproof Hydratic material.

There is a lot of information to take in when figuring out waterproofness versus water resistance and which attire is best suited to which climate, trust us it can get confusing! However, all you need to remember is waterproof Eco-Shell is best for rainy days and G-1000 and Greenland Wax will provide water resistance for the occasional shower.

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