Hanwag - Production

1. Material selection

We select our materials according to the most stringent regulations, all of which are sourced exclusively from our European suppliers.

2. Leather cutting and processing

The surface, inside and reinforcement of the leather are cut and prepared for stitching by hand tools.

3. Stitching

The leather is stitched to fit each part, and the upper is stitched perfectly with the outsole.

4. Cement structure

Cement construction is a very complex technology of high-quality boots. Thanks to this special construction, all Hanbag boots are window sill.

5. Rubber band treatment

Some boots add a separate rubber band to the upper. This protects the leather from rocks and gravel.

6. Finish

It is neatly removed so that no adhesive or contamination generated during the production process remains.

7. Packaging 

After the final quality inspection, the boots are laced, labeled and packed in boxes.

8. Use

Hanbag shoes are used for a variety of outdoor activities, including mountaineering.

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