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What to consider when buying new shoes

Choosing the right size shoes is of utmost importance. Trekking and hiking shoes should fit snugly and not wear out. The heel should hold the foot well, and there should be enough room for the toes.
With the shoelaces untied, make sure your heels fit snugly. If there is room left, the shoes are big.

The space between the toe and the tip of the shoe should be about the width of a finger. This is very important as your toes will flex in the front of the shoe on downhill. Especially lightweight and versatile fabric shoes should leave more space so that the toes never touch the front. Even if they look comfortable and fit well when worn at the store, always try on one size larger pair of shoes for comparison.

Especially sturdy alpine boots should not be too narrow to avoid frostbite. Hanbag's alpine boots are equipped with a triple width adjustment system. So even if you wear one or two thin or thick socks, they fit well. This makes it ideal for use in all environmental conditions.

However, in the case of climbing boots or approach shoes in the Rock category, they should be worn snugly and not too wide. That's because with these shoes, accuracy when stepping on rocks is more important than downhill comfort.

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