Kånken art 2024

Designed by Coast Salish artist Charlene Johnny

“Kånken means to carry. We carry teachings, we carry knowledge, we carry language. I think it is important for Indigenous people to carry forward what our ancestors have gifted us. All of my inspiration for Coast Salish art comes from our ancestors and the gifts they have given us.”

- Charlene Johnny

Together we can do more

The mission of the Stqeeye’ Learning Society is the restoration
and preservation of lands and waters within Xwaaqw’um (Burgoyne Bay Provincial Park).

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“ I wanted to honour my ancestors and community with my art practice by bringing a design back to life that was initially carved into a spindle whorl over 100 years ago by my ancestors. ”

"We always used natural materials of the land to create everyday practical objects, with cedar being a primary resource for items such as hats, paddles, canoes, regalia, spindle whorls, masks, poles, baskets and combs. I love seeing the art that my ancestors chose to adorn these everyday objects with. This was the inspiration. The design featured on the backpacks is based on a very old Quw’utsun spindle whorl design.”

-Coast Salish artist Charlene Johnny.

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