Nature’s very own functional material

We love wool here at Fjällräven. It’s arguably one of nature’s most functional materials. And you’re most likely aware of its ability to keep you warm by trapping air between its fibres. But did you know that, strictly speaking, wool isn’t an insulator? It’s a heat regulator. This is because it can help you keep your cool as well as keep you warm and cosy.

Wool wicks away moisture from your body. And when it does so, it takes odours with it. So even though you may spend all day trekking and working up a sweat, your wool clothing will hardly smell at all.

Finally, because of the structure of the fibres, wool keeps you warm even when it’s damp. And depending on the size of the fibres, wool clothing can be really thin, not to mention durable and comfortable.

We use lots of different types of wool, including spill or surplus wool from our suppliers in Italy and wool sourced from sheep in Sweden. This is all to reduce our environmental impact. You can read more about how we work with sustainable materials here.

Ethically sourced, fully traceable


We’ve had fully traceable, ethically-sourced down in our products since 2014. In 2015 we started looking into how we could achieve the same in our wool chain too. Due to the way wool is commonly traded, it’s been extremely difficult to develop a fully-traceable global wool supply chain. But things are changing.

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Wool Materials

Natural temperature control

To farm level, certified and audited


Mulesing free wool that is traceable to farm. Certified according to the ZQ standard including, animal welfare, environment (program for chemical use, land use etc.) social sustainability, economical sustainability and fiber quality. Audited every third year via a third party.

Pre and post-consumer recycled wool


Cutting spill from wool garment producers and worn out recycled garments. It’s Washed, sorted by colour, shredded and spun into new yarns.

Carefully selected surplus wool


Mulesing free wool from sheep farmers’ seasonal sheering. Great quality wool that would otherwise mostly have been burned or gone to landfill. Selected and refined into a high quality material.

From the farm Brattlandsgården in Åre, Sweden


Fjällräven’s own small scale, holistically managed wool project in the north of Sweden. Created to be a learning ground to acquire more knowledge about wool quality, the benefits of holistic farming and first-class craftmanship with the goal of making it applicable in our global supply chain.