An Aotearoa Summer is Calling

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Despite the small geographical distance separating Aotearoa(New Zealand) from Australia, the two islands have significantly different concepts of summer.

While Australia lies closer to the equator with a scorching sun and daily average temperatures of 26℃ to 30℃, Aotearoa gets nowhere near as hot with a much less radiant sun, more frequent rainfall and average temperatures of only 18℃ to 22℃.

You may prefer Australia’s warm, inviting summer if you’re an avid beachgoer, however if you are rather looking for a great collection of hiking trails for the summer, the slightly cooler, slightly wetter Aotearoa landscape might be a little more up your alley. Although it may be the middle of summer, Aotearoa (especially the South Island) can remain quite cool and, in some places, will even continue to snow throughout every season, so why not let Fjällräven keep you warm all year round? Every outdoor jacket, t-shirt, beanie, backpack, cap – you name it! – is crafted with our perfectly sustainable materials, made to survive any season and adventure, lasting its owner a lifetime.

As we work towards opening our third retail store in Queenstown at the end of February 2024, we’ve got some perfect hiking trails for you to check out this summer.

Come walk with us through our favourite hiking spots in Aotearoa, you won’t regret it.

Queenstown Hill Time Walk

Located just a 4-minute drive from Queenstown city centre on the South Island, the Queenstown Hill Time Walk is a fantastic, convenient option for locals or visitors and is suitable all year round. It is a 1.5km walk inclining up to the summit of Te Tapunui where hikers can embark on a historical journey through the information plates and illustrations placed throughout the trail outlining town history, Māori settlement and the goldrush.

The Queenstown Hill Time Walk is a perfect trail any time throughout the year, however it can get quite cold and snowy in the higher altitudes as you move up the mountain regardless of the season – and this is where we come into play. You are guaranteed the ideal hike with Fjällräven by your side as you will never have to worry about being cold or uncomfortable again! An amazing and rewarding experience to spend a beautiful summer day, start off the trail in our breathable cotton t-shirts that wick away moisture to channel sweat from the heat of the day, then as you ascend and the temperature does the opposite, be just as prepared with our Expedition Pack Down Jacket that will insulate body heat keeping you nice and toasty and protected from the wind, as well as pack down to fit perfectly into any sized backpack – it’s a win-win!

While it may be a physically demanding trail, the views and satisfaction you will feel once you reach the summit is sure to beat all odds and makes the entire trail worth it.

Moonlight Track

Another highly recommended track close to our soon-to-be third home in Queenstown is the Moonlight Track – a one-way 4-hour track (14km) starting at beautiful Moke Lake and following a historic route through remnants of old mining settlements in Seffertown before finishing at Arthurs Point. And even better – the whole thing can be done in reverse too!

As for most trails, Moonlight Track is open all-year round however is best recommended during summer as the lake can become quite dangerous with the ice and slipperiness brought by winter. Additionally to the nicer and warmer days, it is much easier to enjoy Moke Lake during summer as you can swim, fish, canoe and kayak as well as explore and indulge in the incredible scenery.

Popular among Queenstown residents, it is an easy 10-minute drive from the city centre and is also accessible by a direct 25 min bus that comes on an hourly basis from Stanley Street Bus Hub C, Courthouse.

A pro tip from locals: remember it is not a loop track so ensure you organise transport at your finishing end prior to embarking to avoid being stranded!

Be prepared for the Moonlight Track with Fjällräven’s range of summer-friendly apparel including lightweight, breathable t-shirts, caps, Kånken bags, shorts and more that would complete the perfect practical and comfortable look for your next summer hike in Aotearoa.

Abel Tasman Coastal Track

Finally, we couldn’t only limit our recommendations to the South Island, so we present the Abel Tasman Coastal Track – Aotearoa’s most famous hiking trail!

With stunning white sand beaches, crystal clear bays and spirited wildlife, this track is sure to not disappoint. While the track is just over 50km long and takes around 5 days to complete in its entirety, its easy accessibility via boat gives the option to also just walk parts of the track over one day, making it the perfect summer day trip for people of all ages to enjoy a simple, scenic walk followed by a relaxing swim and explore of the bays and rock pools.

Some side notes and tips you may find helpful before embarking on the Abel Tasman:

  • TRANSPORT: The track is not a circuit so make sure you have transport organised, especially if you are walking the entire track – the last thing you want is to realise you have no way home after you’ve just spent 5 days hiking!
  • TIDES: Some parts of the track can only be walked at low tide, so it is highly recommended to check tides before departing to ensure you don’t get stuck anywhere.
  • ACCOMODATION: There are many campsites along the coastal walk where you can set up and sleep during the multi-day hike, or alternatively, there are options to stay overnight at DOC huts (Department of Conservation) instead.

Excellent for walking and exploring the great outdoors all year round, the Abel Tasman Coastal Track is another perfect adventure that Fjällräven is ready to embark on with you. Whether you’re planning to walk the entire track or just make a day out of it, whether it be the middle of winter or the middle of summer, we’ve got you covered with everything you will need from hiking backpacks to clothes to accessories. With designs and materials made to last, let’s do this together!

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