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Christmas shopping – an exciting, fun activity for some, but a dreaded chore for others. Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones during the holiday season is often a rollercoaster of emotions, constantly tossing ideas back and forth – will they like this? Or would they prefer that? No matter what you decide on, there is always an inkling in the back of your mind that there is something better out there you just haven’t found yet.

Let us make it easier for you with durable, timeless options for everyone! From winter jackets to functional backpacks, to versatile accessories, you are guaranteed to find something for everyone on your ‘To Buy For’ list these holidays.

Gift giving is an art; however, you don’t need to be creative to master it, you just need the right resources. Lucky for you, we are ready to help you master the gift giving game this year and for years to come with our extensive range of good quality, long-lasting outdoor gear, everyday wear and accessories that will make the perfect gift.

Here are our top picks:


Released in 1978 by our founder Åke Nordin as the solution to generational back pain, the Kånken backpack has since expanded into an entire family featuring bags, hip & shoulder packs and wallets – doubling as the perfect gift for anyone! Ever since they hit the market, Kånken has become a fan favourite, a classic staple known worldwide and used by all ages for school, work, weekend trips and general everyday adventures.

Crafted with Fjällräven’s hardwearing Vinylon-F fabric, Kånken’s are made with the durability and functionality to last a lifetime no matter if they are being used in a classroom or in the great outdoors. With its massive range of sizes, colours and styles, Kånken is a perfect option to gift any family member, friend, cousin, co-worker, in-law (you name it!) – and the great thing is, you can choose from almost 60 colours and over 10 different styles which allows you to beat the gift giving game by just getting everyone a Kånken!

Fjällräven Est 1960 Cap

Another simple yet practical choice that would work great as either a main gift or just a stocking stuffer, the Fjällräven Est 1960 Cap comes in both Indigo Blue and Terracotta Brown, making it a perfectly suitable option for men and women of all ages. Nearing the peak of summer in Australia, this cap would not only be a stylish addition to any casual outfit but is sure to protect against the radiant Australian sun during any outdoor activity.

Made from our finest and most versatile G-1000 material, the Est 1960 Cap is ventilating and protectant against UV rays, two factors that would immediately reduce the discomfort that comes with summer heat. No matter who you decide to gift this too, it’s a win-win situation; they are guaranteed to get a long-lasting wear out of it, and you are deemed the master gift giver!

Fjällräven Logo T-Shirt M / Fjällräven Logo Tee W

One thing that many people lack during the summer (or any time of year for that matter) is a good quality, sustainable t-shirt, our top choices are the Fjällräven Logo T-Shirt M and the Fjällräven Logo Tee W. Nothing fancy, just something versatile enough to go with any outfit as well as durable enough to last more than just one season. Our collection of t-shirts is made from a range of materials suitable for different seasons and activities, but there is no better choice than our classic Logo T-Shirts as your all-year-round staple!

Whether you are buying for a sibling, friend or partner, our Logo T-Shirts come in a multitude of sizes and colours for both men and women, making it a perfect gift option this holiday season. Crafted with a sustainable jersey knit that combines the softness of organic cotton with the functionality and durability of recycled polyester, our Logo T-Shirts are made to channel and wick away moisture allowing for quick drying and extra comfort in warm climates. Not only are these t-shirts made for comfort and are a great simple wardrobe addition, but they are a timeless piece designed to last for many years and are perfect for any adventure big or small!

1960 Logo Belt

Finally, if you’re in need of a stocking stuffer for a brother or a small yet practical gift for an uncle – the 1960 Logo Belt is your best pick. A simple canvas belt made from recycled polyester, the 1960 Logo Belt will be any man’s new best friend and is the perfect companion for your trousers. Ideal for work, school, shopping, hiking, a nice dinner out (anything really!), this belt comes in 5 different colours and is completely PFC free meaning it is environmentally friendly and made to last you a lifetime.

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