How to layer for ultimate comfort

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Winter is a season of polarising emotions, you may love the cold, hate the cold, embrace the cold from outside or hibernate for the duration. One thing is for sure, winter has its own beauty wherever you are in the world, whether you see snow draped mountains, or glassy ice lakes- it can be magical! But, it is important to know the environment you are heading in to so you can dress appropriately. The secret to staying warm in the winter is not always about wearing the biggest jacket you can find, it is all about layering with the right pieces and the right materials - but what are those materials? - Let us teach you!

There is an art to layering and to ensure you fully maximise its benefits and effectiveness, you must know what to layer with. General layering consists of 3 different parts; base layers, mid-layers and outer layers, but if it gets cold enough people often double up on layers so you must consider your environment in the mix.

Base Layers

Not many people think about it, but ironically, often the lightest and thinnest layer you wear keeps you the warmest. As avid nature enthusiasts and promoters of the outdoor lifestyle, Fjällräven does not let a cold day stop us from an adventure, so we understand the pivotal role of base layers in any winter expedition. Designed to fit snug against your body with moisture-wicking and insulating properties, they form the foundation of your winter apparel and ensure both comfort and practicality. Base layers are most beneficial when made from a good quality lambswool or merino wool and recycled polyester blend as it allows for a high level of heat insulation, keeping you nice and warm, while also possessing a moisture-wicking and ventilating agent that allows sweat and excessive heat to escape and prevent overheating during winter activities such as skiing or hiking. We offer an incredible range of woollen and material blend base layers, with two of our favourites being the Abisko Wool SS and Singi Merino Henley M, both providing all qualities needed from a base layer without adding too much extra bulk making them the perfect pieces for underneath your next layer.


After you have established a solid base layer, it’s time to move onto the next layer; the mid layer. Mid-layers are simply designed to provide extra insulation for the person wearing it and do their job best when made from recycled polyester, fleece, soft-shell or lightweight materials. They should be thicker than your base layer but lighter than your outer layer and are designed to trap the heat close to your body while still retaining some degree of breathability. This allows for your body to regulate its temperature comfortably by wicking away extra moisture from excessive heat that may make your clothes cold when wet, but still keeping you warm when needed. No matter if you are exploring the snowy mountain peaks or simply enjoying a stroll through the chilly streets, mid-layers are made to adapt and move with you, providing an equal measure of warmth and comfort. Entrust in Fjällräven’s collection of mid-layers including popular favourites such as the Keb Fleece Hoodie and Abisko Trail Fleece, and never worry about being cold again!

Outer Layers

Finally, outer layers mainly act as a protective layer against the weather conditions as well as extra warmth, so should suit the conditions you are in. Whether it be the cold, wind, rain or snow, the perfect outer layer will be your ultimate shield against the chill. Most effective when made from shell or hybrid materials with waterproof, windproof and ventilating properties, your outer layer creates a barrier between you and the Earth’s elements, keeping you dry and at a comfortable temperature even in the harshest conditions. At Fjällräven, we wanted to blend all of these qualities into a material of our own – and that is how our renowned G-1000 material came to be. Crafted with the utmost durability and functionality in mind, we designed and created this brand material to be used across a wide range of our products from pants to jackets to bags, providing the ultimate exterior for anyone venturing into the outdoor world. With the ability to further adapt to the conditions with the application of our Greenland Wax, our G-1000 products gain an enhanced wind and water resistance, acting as the perfect outer layer during the winter. Our Greenland Jacket M and Kaipak Trousers M and two safe choices when it comes to G-1000, and our Keb Eco-Shell Jacket M and High Coast Hydratic Jacket W are similar options that we highly recommend as your winter outer layer.

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