Our must-have items for a hike in the Snowies!

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Australia is filled with an abundance of beautiful landscapes everywhere from stunning beaches to captivating mountain ranges but, whether you are a local or a visitor, a beach lover or a snow fanatic, the Snowy Mountains region is certainly a bucket-list destination. Located near the south-eastern corner of NSW, the Snowy Mountains features the state’s highest mountain ranges and ski fields with thousands of square kilometres of national parks, glacial lakes and snow-draped trails. Commonly referred to as “The Snowies”, there is a wide range of activities to partake in across the area such as snow sports, mountain biking, hiking, fishing and leisure stays – all of which allow you to connect with nature through the outdoor lifestyle, one of our primary values at Fjällräven.

There are numerous walking trails and hiking tracks throughout the Snowy Mountains with the most famous and certainly the largest being the Snowies Alpine Walk. The Snowies Alpine Walk is a 55km multi-day trek that travels through the alpine and subalpine landscapes and connects the stunning villages of Thredbo, Charlotte Pass, Guthega, Perisher and Bullocks Flat. The walk features four different sections that travel through each of these towns and includes summitting Australia’s highest mountain – Mount Kosciuszko – with the option to either only do certain sections or be completed in its entirety for more experienced hikers, extending over 4 days. With the peak times to visit the Snowies being during the midst of Australian winter in July and August, the region is bound to see some pretty chilling temperatures, especially in the higher altitudes with the mountain peaks experiencing an alpine climate with an average high of 5℃ and a low of -5℃.

Let us help prepare you for a great snow season ahead with our must-have items for a multi-day hike in the Snowy Mountains!

Keb Jacket

A versatile and good quality winter jacket is the perfect place to start when preparing for a hike or visit to the snowy regions and our technical Keb Jacket, made in both men’s and women’s, is ideal for long days on the mountains. This timeless and award-winning jacket has been a long-time favourite for years on snow, rocks, mountains and all types of terrain with its hardwearing, durable and well-ventilating properties allowing it to handle almost any weather circumstance. Skilfully crafted with our long-lasting G-1000 Eco and stretch fabric, the Keb Jacket is ideal for trekking and alpine adventures all year round with wind resistance and (if treated with Greenland Wax) water resistant qualities. Along with the rest of our functionable and timeless Keb family, this jacket was named after Kebnekaise – the highest mountain in Sweden – so if there was one jacket that was made for mountain and snow hiking, this is it!

Keb 52 / 72

You can’t hike without a good backpack so why not follow the Keb family theme and check out our perfect backpack companion for the snowy regions – the Keb 72 or its smaller sibling the Keb 52 (depending on the duration of your hike and how much storage space you need). This ergonomic, durable and robust backpack is built for long trips on foot or skis all-year round and includes attachment points for skis and ice poles which would come in handy in the Snowy Mountains if you chose to ski at times during the hike. Both the Keb 72 and 52 feature Fjällräven’s award-winning wooden frame and is made from our hardwearing, sustainable G-1000 HeavyDuty material with its base and sides in waterproof Bergshell fabric that is guaranteed to last for many years and through any adventures in rough terrain. The backpack has a slim profile that provides freedom of movement and has numerous organised compartments to easily store gear and belongings while you’re trekking in the Snowies. The carrying system is also well-designed to distribute heavy loads and can be easily adjusted to accommodate to different back and torso lengths, prioritising comfort for your multi-day endeavour!

Abisko Wool SS

Another staple must-have when hiking in the Snowy Mountains is a durable and comfortable layering piece such as our Abisko Wool SS t-shirt that once again comes in both men’s and women’s. Designed in a range of both neutral and vibrant colours, this lightweight short-sleeve t-shirt is crafted in a soft jersey knit made from merino wool and polyester. This constructive blend allows the t-shirt to keep you warm when it is cold and acts as a perfect base layer for hiking in the Snowy Mountains as well as keeps you comfortably cool when it is a little warmer. By combining the temperature-regulating properties of wool with the durability and moisture-wicking features of synthetic fibres, the Abisko Wool SS t-shirt is ideal under sweaters and jackets when hiking or skiing in colder climates or as an everyday t-shirt in the warmer months. Additionally, it is extra useful on multi-day hikes as the wool has a natural resistance against bad odours from sweat and other organic sources, thus preventing them from lingering. The Abisko Wool SS t-shirt is one of our most versatile must-haves for hiking in the Snowies as it is still great for everyday use even when not hiking! 

1960 Logo Hat

Finally, the perfect finishing touch to your must-haves for a great adventure through the Snowy Mountains is our 1960 Logo Hat – so warm you won’t want to take it off! This durable and packable knitted beanie made from soft, warm lambswool is available in 9 vibrant colours and is the perfect head layer under a hood to keep you extra warm in the higher altitudes and lower temperatures of the Snowy Mountains. Double layered knitting with a wide folded edge and an embroidered Fjällräven emblem on the front, the 1960 Logo Hat channels moisture and insulates in wet condition meaning it keeps your head warm no matter what climate you are in.  


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