Abisko Family
Abisko Family

The mountain village of Abisko is located at the foot of Mt. Nuolja in Swedish Lappland. Home to many classic hiking trails, it was with this location in mind that we developed the Abisko product family.

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Abisko Trekking Tights W
Technical trekking tights made from durable and highly functional stretc...
Abisko Trail Tights W
Light, durable trekking tights for fast-paced treks and hot days. Prod...
Abisko Lite Trekking Trousers M Regular
Lightweight, cool outdoor trousers in stretch fabric and G-1000 Lite for...
Abisko Trekking Shirt M
Lightweight, packable hiking shirt in highly ventilated stretch fabric. ...
Abisko Friluft 45
Lightweight, stable trekking backpack with fantastic ventilation and exc...
Abisko Shorts M
Technical trekking shorts in stretch and G-1000. Optimal cut and reinfor...
Abisko Summer Hat
Wide-brimmed sun hat in fast-drying, cool G-1000 Lite. Adjustable chin s...
Abisko Midsummer Shorts W
Light, well-ventilated, packable shorts, perfect for hiking in warm clim...
Abisko Shade Trousers W
Lightweight, cool outdoor trousers with maximum air circulation in warm ...